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We will be starting Spring/Summer hours on Monday April 21


Thanks for a great 2013-2014 season!


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Hi Joey,
          Just an update as to the challenges @Bowlero for me....Avg. 215(7 games) with the Deranged. Loving the reaction of the ball-straddle 20-up10 @ 12-13 mph...244/268 for the 1st games of the last two weeks..then fall off to 190's-180's for the remaining....not sure i'm adjusting right to keep carry? I did not try switching balls. wanted to see if i could stay with deranged and continue the good first game scores..Hard to teach an "ole dog" new tricks??..i would appreciate any comments/suggestions you might have given the little info i've given you...
craig young


Hi Joey,
After struggling for most of the year, you suggested trying the “tri-grip”.  I picked up the Virtual Energy on Tue and used it in league today for the first time.  I shot 256, 230, and 227 for a 713 series.  Thank you for everything you and Dennis do to help keep me in the game.  (See you next week when I pick up my Taboo.)
John Weiss



2012-2013 Season?

...if you shot an honor score or just a score which is your personal best, send it to and I'll post it on our web page for everyone to admire.


Send a digital picture along with a caption with your score and highlights and I'll post that as well.


Joey will soon be posting new pages which will include features on local bowlers, featured specials at the shop as well as his personal comments about a variety of bowling issues.









what's all the buzz about the new internet podcast called ????

visit our site and listen to our session designed to
help bowlers understand new equipment better,
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We will be closed April 25th, 26th for the State Senior tournament. We reopen on Tuesday the 29th of April!


If you need MORE REVS on your bowling ball, stop in and talk with Joey and Dennis. We have new fitting and drilling techniques as well as some new products which increase your rev rate!


Adam Zydzik attends St. Thomas More High School and his 4.48 GPA leads the senior class. He has taken AP Calculus as well as honor courses in pre-calculus, geometry, algebra 2, biology, chemistry, physics and english. He is a member of the National Honor Society and has been on the High Honor Roll each of his four years in high school.

He has served as a peer and elementary school tutor, school ambassador, retreat leader and Big Buddy for new and transfer students. He has volunteered at the St. Gregory the Great’s Parish Festival and The Gathering Meal Program. He is a four-year member of the golf and bowling teams, and has been team captain of the bowling team the last two seasons.


Milwaukee's ONLY pro shop offering Bill Hall's revolutionary new drilling technique called Tri Grip. This new system allows the hand to rest more comfortably on the ball and also reduces grip pressure. It takes into account each person's hand structure and creates offsets on both the thumb and fingers. Many who've tried it say they can also keep their hand behind the ball better and increase their rev rates. Bring in an old ball for plugging and try it out and see if it can help improve your game!

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Boom goes the Dynamite !!!!!!!!!!

So far the Tri Grip measuring system has been met with unparalleled success. I've drilled it for about 130 bowlers at present count with 120 loving it. Some bowlers who LOVE the Tri Grip system:

Ron Vokes, Rob Lange, Frank Nameth, Greg Baumgardt, Phil Brylow, Joey Cozza, Mike Griggs, to name just a few...


Joey is now a member of the IAB, the International Art of Bowling. This consortium conducts clinics and has its own online forum for members only. Here Joey, Diandra Asbaty, Bill Spigner and Jason Belmonte all help bowlers learn more about their individual games and bowling in general. It's a great way to learn quickly and improve faster from some of the brightest minds in bowling today! Check it out at


what's more important? how much a ball hooks right to left or where it hooks front to back?

go to bottom of page for answer



Please donate any extra funds to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund. This worthwhile charity is essential to help fight this debilitating disease. Go to soon....


There are 3 phases of ball motion, the skid phase, then the hook phase and finally the roll phase. The first and second transitions is what we call the points which separates these phases. The skid and roll phases are linear in nature which means linear equations can be used to model the ball motion. The hook phase is modeled by a quadratic equation. The vertex of that parabolic curve coincides with the breakpoint. It occurs somewhere between the first and second transition.



Here's the real answer about reverse oil. Reverse oil controls the amount of oil in the front part of the lane. Forward oil controls the shape of the pattern at the end of the pattern. The more reverse oil in relation to the forward oil, the longer the pattern last and the smaller the transitions.



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Click on the Virtual Tour link on the left side
of this page and take a tour of Bowlers Pro Shop.
All you need to do is left click on the picture and move your mouse or pointer. Enjoy
the show !!  Compliments of


Obviously both the amount and where a ball hooks play an important part to match up best and have great pin carry. But according to both Chris Barnes and Norm Duke: where a ball hooks front to back is far more important for optimal pin carry! Use the correct surface texture to find the pocket  on a given lane condition. Then use the appropriate layout to maximize pin carry. This can often be an educated guess, but most top level players feel pins positioned below the fingers match up best on fresh patterns when a smoother more predictable motion is needed. On later transition and drier patterns, top players generally use higher positioned pin location to quicken the balls reaction off the drier boards. Hope this helps....